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Why the name? Well, most of our new members are a result of current members “sharing” their experience with Airline Financial Credit Union services and products with their co-workers and family. To be a member you have to purchase $25.00 in share capital. Finally throughout our 61 years in business, we have “shared” the profits with our members in the form of loan rebates and bonus interest.

Why subscribe to “Share News?” Sending print information to our members is a costly and non eco- friendly way of sharing information with our member owners. We will email you special offers, new service and product offerings, newsletters and much more on a regular basis.

So just don’t read it and delete it – share it with co-workers, your family and friends so they can benefit as well!

We respect your decision to decide what arrives in your inbox so you will always have the option of unsubscribing to this service.

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