What To Know - Cyber Attacks

As you may have heard, there has been an increase in brute force attacks and phishing schemes targeting financial institutions. Rest assure, no attempt has been made at Airline Financial and our system monitors and has defenses in place to prevent online attacks.

What is a brute force attack?

A brute force attack is when a fraudster attempts to gain unauthorized access to an account by cycling through various logins. In most cases, once the fraudster gains access to an account, funds are e-transferred out as quickly as possible.

What are some phishing schemes?

The most common scheme currently being reported is emails or text messages with links that appear to be from your bank or credit union asking you to login to your online banking. Once you click on the link provided and enter your credentials, you have provided the fraudster with the information he or she requires to access your account.

What can you do?

First, if you are still using the password we provided when you first signed up for online banking, change it to something more complex. Accounts with weak passwords are primarily vulnerable to these attacks

We will NEVER email or text you asking for your login information or ask you to use a link to enter your credentials. 

What will we do?

All our members that have online banking access have 5 attempts to access their account. After 5 failed attempts, your account is locked and you will need to contact the branch, either in person or by phone.

Members will also have to set up 5 security questions. One of these questions will randomly appear after you enter your user ID and password. If you do not answer the question correctly, you will be denied access to your account. Again, you will only have 5 attempts to access your account before your access will be locked.

We will deactivate online access that has not been used in a certain timeframe (you can call and have access restored at any time)

We will actively monitor our systems to detect and prevent threats and will update our networks as required.